Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mark Lanegan: KNDD Studios 10-19-1999

Here's an outstanding pre-soundboard FM Mark Lanegan set. If you need a little info on Lanegan you can start here. You can buy his records here.
Mark Lanegan
KNDD Studios

Hospital Roll Call
Ugly Sunday
The River Rise
Bell Black Ocean
The Winding Sheet

Download the show here.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mas Chris Cornell!!!

Sorry about the long delay since my last entry but school started recently and I just don't have the time I did during the summer to post every day.

Here's another stellar set from Chris Cornell performing solo acoustic on Stripped Music. Highlights include a sweet rendition of the Soundgarden tune "Black Hole Sun" and a great cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song." If this is the way he tours when he releases his next solo record I'm going to be super psyched.

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Chris Cornell
Solo Acoustic
Stripped Music 2006

Original Fire
Until We Fall
Like A Stone
Black Hole Sun
Redemption Song

Buy Audioslave's new record, Revelations.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tanya Donelly: KEXP 2002

Tanya Donelly made her name in bands like Throwing Muses, Belly and The Breeders. She has released a bunch of solo albums, my favorite of which is Lovesongs For Underdogs. Her earthy, ethereal vocals define her unique style, and the songs on Lovesongs sound distinctly like they came from the mid 90s. And that's a very good thing. She has a new album coming out on October 17. Here's a little tidbit from her website:
Tanya Donelly's newest album, This Hungry Life, will be released by Eleven Thirty Records on October 17th. The former member of Throwing Muses, Belly, and The Breeders holed up in an old hotel in Vermont and recorded this one under hot and crowded conditions that are apparently conducive to the production of great music.

Tanya had this to say about the process: "This album was recorded during a heat wave in front of a live, patient audience over two nights in Bellows Falls, VT at the Windham, a hotel closed since the 80s except for its small club. The idea was more 'album recorded live' than 'live album'; there were stops and starts, multiple takes, endless tunings, lots of sweating and a little swearing. Every couple of songs, the whole roomful of us would pour out onto the street to let our clothes dry and to breathe some new air. We were all pretty familiar by the end of the weekend. Recording can be tedious and shows nerve-wracking; this was neither. It was a blast, and I loved every second."
Sounds like a very cool way to make a record.

In honor of the "live" vibe of her forthcoming release, here's a set Donelly did for KEXP back in 2002.

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Tanya Donelly
KEXP 04/27/2002

The Bees
The Storm
Check out more from Tanya Donelly at her MySpace page.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brad: Various Radio Performances

Seattle's Brad is one of those little treasures that lurks outside of the mainstream while being inextricably linked to the mainstream. Brad's guitarist, Stone Gossard, has a day job playing in Pearl Jam, so the band garnered much more media attention when they released their first record, 1993's Shame, than they might have without such a famous member. However, the novelty of Gossard's presence isn't what should attract one to Brad's music. The band has a smooth, mellow rock vibe, accented by the soulful, at times fragile vocals of singer/keyboardist Shawn Smith. It's Smith's piano and vocals that define Brad's sound, and it's a sound to which music fans need to pay attention.

Brad's sophomore effort, 1997's Interiors, is an album every music lover should have in their collection. Moving and engaging from start to finish, Interiors is the kind of record most small-to-mid level bands dream of making. Don't bother thinking about it, just go buy it now.

Here is a smattering of radio performances Brad did while promoting their three records. A fourth album is due out late this year or early next year. Can't wait.

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Buttercup (live on WBCN)

The Day Brings (live on CD101 FM)
Some Never Come Home (live on CD101 FM)

Shinin' (live on KEXP)

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Catherine Wheel goodies

My buddy and I just scored a sweet 6-disc collection of rare Catherine Wheel material from a kind soul in the UK. Here's a sampling of some of the greatness that makes up the set.
Let Me Down Again (acoustic)
Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (acoustic)
Judy Staring At The Sun (acoustic)
Black Metallic (acoustic)
Waydown (acoustic)
Buy Catherine Wheel's music.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Chris Cornell: VH1.com Live Performance

Audioslave is not touring to promote their September 5 release, Revelations, but they are still working the promo machine a bit. Chris Cornell did his part by performing live on VH1.com. His set included two songs from Revelations, "Original Fire" and "Until We Fall", along with the single "Like A Stone" from Audioslave's first record.

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Chris Cornell
Solo on VH1.com 2006

Original Fire
Like A Stone
Until We Fall

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