Monday, June 25, 2007

Matt Nathanson: New Album Teaser, Part Deux

I'm listening to the studio version of Matt Nathanson's unbelievably awesome new tune, "Car Crash" as I write this post. I've seen him perform it live with and without a band, and the studio version lives up to my expectations in spades. You can buy an mp3 of it here (the record, Some Mad Hope, doesn't drop until August).

As part of his promo effort for Some Mad Hope, he's been leaking weekly treats to fans on his mailing list. Here's this week's treat, a live performance of "Car Crash" from a special promo gig he did in NYC recently for some industry folks and whatnot.
Matt Nathanson - "Car Crash (live)"
Watch a video of the performance here.

Buy Matt Nathanson's music here. Now.



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