Wednesday, September 05, 2007

B-Side Of The Week: Foo Fighters

This week's b-side takes us back to the mid-90's, when Dave Grohl released his first Foo Fighters record. He played all the instruments on the album, and though he wrote many of the tunes long before Kurt Cobain's suicide, there was much speculation in the press as to whether songs like "I'll Stick Around", with it's chorus of "I don't owe you anything!" repeated over and over, was meant for the singer of Grohl's former band. In any event, there were a couple of solid b-sides from the sessions for Foo Fighters, and I find this one to be the most interesting. It starts out quiet and slow, so you might be tempted to turn up the volume when listening. But watch out, because at about 2:45 the rock kicks in big time.
Foo Fighters - "How I Miss You"
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