Thursday, October 11, 2007

Matthew Good: Radio Performances

I mentioned briefly on Monday that I'd seen Matthew Good perform twice last weekend, and he was fantastic. I got to hear almost all of his latest record, Hospital Music, and a slew of older tunes that I never thought I'd hear him do acoustic. That's right, he played by himself with a minimal (but cool) lighting setup and only an acoustic guitar.

I'd be surprised if a lot of visitors to this blog have heard of Matthew Good, but if you like the music that I post here regularly chances are you might dig what he does.

Good's been making music in Canada for over a decade, first with the Matthew Good Band and more recently as a solo artist. His 2003 solo album, Avalanche, ranks in my top five or ten albums of all time. Here are a few live performances Good did while out on the radio circuit promoting Hospital Music. I also included an acoustic version of the Matthew Good Band tune "Suburbia", one of my favorites off 1999's Beautiful Midnight.
Matthew Good
2007 Radio Performances

Metal Airplanes (live acoustic)
Born Losers (live acoustic)
Black Helicopter (live acoustic)
I'm A Window (live acoustic)
99% Of Us Is Failure (live acoustic)
Suburbia (live acoustic)

Download the set here.
Buy Matthew Good's music here.



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