Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brad: Various Radio Performances

Seattle's Brad is one of those little treasures that lurks outside of the mainstream while being inextricably linked to the mainstream. Brad's guitarist, Stone Gossard, has a day job playing in Pearl Jam, so the band garnered much more media attention when they released their first record, 1993's Shame, than they might have without such a famous member. However, the novelty of Gossard's presence isn't what should attract one to Brad's music. The band has a smooth, mellow rock vibe, accented by the soulful, at times fragile vocals of singer/keyboardist Shawn Smith. It's Smith's piano and vocals that define Brad's sound, and it's a sound to which music fans need to pay attention.

Brad's sophomore effort, 1997's Interiors, is an album every music lover should have in their collection. Moving and engaging from start to finish, Interiors is the kind of record most small-to-mid level bands dream of making. Don't bother thinking about it, just go buy it now.

Here is a smattering of radio performances Brad did while promoting their three records. A fourth album is due out late this year or early next year. Can't wait.

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Buttercup (live on WBCN)

The Day Brings (live on CD101 FM)
Some Never Come Home (live on CD101 FM)

Shinin' (live on KEXP)

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