Saturday, August 26, 2006

Matthew Good Treats His Fans

Matthew Good is another of those artists that I just can't get enough of. In a recent poll conducted by Philly radio station WXPN, listeners are being asked to rank the top ten best artists of all time. Matt Good is in my top ten for sure. His 2003 release, Avalanche, is a must-have masterpiece for anyone out there who likes music.

Anyway, I had to take time out of my Mark Lanegan opus to mention something amazing that Matt did for his fans last night. He was moving out of his home in Vancouver and decided to thank his fans for all of their support by putting on a show in his empty living room. About 20 lucky folks that responded to the invite on his blog were allowed to attend an unamplified performance by one of their favorite artists. How amazing is that? I can't even fathom how fun it would've been to hear Matt play his songs and chat with fans right there in his living room, with no mics or PA, just him, a guitar and his two dogs accompanying him.

The webmaster at The Acoustic Diaries was one of the lucky attendees of the show last night, and he posted a great review here. In honor of the show, I thought I'd share the tracks that Matt has made available for download on his MySpace page. The first three are from the aforementioned Avalanche, and the fourth is a b-side.

While We Were Hunting Rabbits

Thanks to Dan Lilly for the photos I used above. I'll post some more Matthew Good at a future date.



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