Monday, August 21, 2006

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals 07-22-2006

A friend of mine found this Ryan Adams show online and told me I had to hear it right away. Now that I’ve listened to the whole thing twice I can say for sure that it is absolutely amazing. Adams and the band are on fire, tearing through songs that draw on the entirety of his extensive catalogue. By the time they got to the crazy-cool rock version of “I See Monsters” that closed the first set, I knew this show was a gem. Then they came back out and rocked the pants off the audience in the second set even more. The show reminded me, in a multitude of great ways, of a Black Crowes show. And that’s one of the highest compliments this writer gives out about a band’s live show.

Not only is the performance spectacular and the set to-die-for, but the recording is good enough to be an official live release. It’s a soundboard/audience matrix that trumps just about every other recording of the type I’ve heard in the past. I’m sure this is posted elsewhere – it’s too good not to be – but I had to put it up here anyway. If you want a FLAC version of the show, you can get one here. Enjoy.

Ryan Adams
The Norva
Norfolk, VA

Love Is Hell
Let It Ride
When The Stars Go Blue
What Sin
Please Do Not Let Me Go
A Kiss Before I Go
He's Gone
Shakedown On 9th Street
The End
Blue Hotel
Magnolia Mountain
Mining Town
I See Monsters
Breakdown into the Resolve
Two Hearts
Everybody Knows
Mockingbird Song
This Is It
Note To Self, Don't Die
Wish You Were Here
Dear Chicago
New York, New York
Beautiful Sorta
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?
Hard Way To Fall
Strawberry Wine (solo)

Download the show here.
Buy Ryan Adams' music here.



Blogger Strontium Dog said...

When are you going to post something about the Manic Street Preachers? They're big fans of GNR and The Black Crowes, and sound a lot like the other bands you post about.

August 22, 2006 2:50 PM  

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