Monday, August 14, 2006

My Morning Jacket: 06-23-2005 Philadelphia

About a month ago a friend of mine convinced me to go back and revisit My Morning Jacket's 2005 record, Z. She knew I wasn't impressed by it originally, but I agreed to give it a good solid listen in my car with the volume cranked. The experiment did yield some fruit - I liked Z a lot more than I did before - but there are still a few things that didn't click for me, and It Still Moves remains my favorite MMJ record.

Relistening to Z got me to thinking about seeing My Morning Jacket open for Wilco last summer at the Festival Pier in Philly. They rocked the show in a big way, in an almost heavy metal way at times. Though it likely doesn't translate well through a recording, they sounded massive on the outdoor stage at the pier. I saw MMJ again later that fall when they headlined a small Philly club, and though they were good, the energy didn't feel as high even though they were playing a small room.
My Morning Jacket
06-23-2005 Philadelphia, PA
Festival Pier
Opening For Wilco

O Is The One That Is Real
Off The Record
One Big Holiday
I Will Sing You Songs
Run Thru
At Dawn
Don Dante

Download the show here.
My Morning Jacket is helping out the Common Ground Women's Center which is giving aid to women in New Orleans. Help out by buying an MMJ t-shirt here and the band will donate money to the cause.



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