Thursday, August 17, 2006

Centro-Matic 03-29-2006 Atlanta, GA

As usual, I arrived at the party long after the cool kids had already left. Most folks that would be interested in this live show already know more about Centro-Matic than I do. My main source for new music encouraged me to check them out, knowing how I enjoy Ryan Adams, Son Volt, Wilco and the like. Their new record, Fort Recovery, is awesome. After this live show whets your appetite you can buy it here.

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03-29-2006 Atlanta, GA
The Earl

Post-It Notes From The State Hospital
Fountains Of Fire
Triggers And Trash Heaps
Flashes And Cables
Call The Legion In Tonight
Strahan Has Corralled The Freaks
Mighty Midshipman
For New Starts
Calling Thermatico
Patience For The Ride
I See Through You
Most Everyone Will Find
The Blisters May Come
Without You
Love Has Found Me



Blogger Colonel Rhombus said...

Great blog. You've pretty much hit my musical sweet spot dead center. Good to see Centro-matic is getting some run in the Northeast.

BTW, here is my rarely (and I mean rarely) posted-on blog.


August 22, 2006 8:55 PM  

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