Friday, June 29, 2007

Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger Live

Ryan Adams' show at the TLA last night was good, of course. But there was a weird kinda energy in the venue that detracted from the experience for me. Maybe it had something to do with the loud, chatty crowd that seems to show up at all of Adams' Philly gigs, or maybe it was the crappy sound (vocals muddy and not enough guitar in the mix), but I was slightly disappointed by the experience.

In other ways, it was awesome. This was the first gig since his skateboarding accident that Adams played guitar, so the band was in a rockin' kinda mood. They played "What Sin Replaces Love", a killer version of "Magnolia Mountain" and the most ridiculously cool version of "I See Monsters" that I could've hoped for. Overall it was a good time, and I'm not exactly sure why I left the venue feeling a little let down, because now that I look over the setlist and think about the show, it was really good. Oh my God. Whatever. Etc. Enough rambling. Here is what they played:
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Philadelphia, PA

A Kiss Before I Go
What Sin
Off Broadway
Cold Roses
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Dear Chicago
Bartering Lines
Peaceful Valley
Beautiful Sorta
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
Magnolia Mountain
Easy Plateau
Blue Hotel
I See Monsters
Adams released a bunch of live performance videos through different outlets (free DVDs included with LPs, promos for different internet music stores, etc..), one for each song on his new record, Easy Tiger. Some of the videos appear to have made their way to the ubiquitous YouTube, but I haven't been able to find all the official ones yet.

Lost Highway, Adams' record label, is running a contest for folks who can locate the videos. If you can find 10 or more, you can enter for a chance to be flown to see Adams play live somewhere. Hotel and transportation seem to be included in the deal. Check out the contest here.
(If you need a little help send me an email...)

There's a great interview with Ryan Adams at The Onion's A.V. Club.

I usually like to post audio when I review a show, so here are live versions of all thirteen tracks on Easy Tiger.
Ryan Adams
Easy Tiger Live

Download the songs here.
Buy Ryan Adams' music here.



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