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@Sarah Ballenger
@John Austin
@Venetta Fields

I once met Robert Palmer on the Los Angeles Freeway and the two of us went to a Raiders/Rams game back in the 1990's and Robert was so adorable in his Rams jersey! In fact he was so laid back, that a bunch of Raider fans beat the ever living crap out of him! I did what I did best, run away screaming for the cops! Unfortunately, by the time they got there the Raider "fans" were gone! But hey, me and Robert sure had a fun time together even though the Raiders won 20-17!

See I can make stuff up too you frauds!!!

"It’s hard to explain to some people that an image is just an image, in particular an iconoclastic one."
"The british gentleman stage act was just that, an act."
"The “gentleman in a suit stageact” was just that, a stageact."

The last time I checked, the "British Gentleman" was the SAME THING as being laid back! Did you people even graduate from kindergarten? And since we're on the subject, the fact that Palmer near the end of his life was looking worse than Narmer the Catfish combined with the fact that he died in his fifties due to "health" issues might suggest that the "laid back" persona was the "act", not to mention the fact that he abandoned the Power Station just when they were about to take off! That's a dick thing to do. But I guess that doesn't comply to three people who have to mortgage their homes for food stamps now is it?

"She is now remarried. I also got to know Geraldine Edwards, now Geraldine Flemming-Mueller, Robert’s girlfriend. She married in 2006."

And why should we care about this? Oh that's right, you are terrible at Etrian Odyssey 3 and thus decides to "reflect" talk about your poor performance in that game by talking about what the women that Robert Palmer was with is doing nowadays despite the fact only 00000000000.1% would care about such things! Everybody else would rather watch Alabama blow apart Notre Dame! I know I would and I hate sports fans!

"She was one of the inspirations for the Penny Lane character in Almost Famous,"

Uggghhhh!!! I hate that Penny Lane character! That "thing" is one of the reasons why that movie will be forgotten about in the long-term compared to let's say, M.A.S.K. crusaders. If Penny Lane was standing on a cliff and a sniper (Macross from Galaxy Rangers) shot Penny in the skull and her corpse falls on top of the other main characters, crushing them to death, then MAYBE that movie would be good! But why are we talking about Almost Famous? Oh that's right, you are trying to deflect talk about your pitiful performance in Etrian Odyssey 3! Here's a tip, GRIND more levels!

"I am now sixty-five years old and value each and every day of my life. A person has to live every day to the fullest, because there are no guarantees. And that is what Robert did, live every day to the fullest."

You have lived life to the fullest. Die already. That's an order!


Don't believe in that garbage! Anybody who believes any of those comments above (with the exception of "me") is just as brain dead as those that started up a South Park vs. Galaxy Rangers discussion on the blog called "Pretty, Fizzy Paradise" runned by my good friend Melissa "Kalinara" Krause.

Okay, I'm out.

-Elizabeth Bales aka baybelletrist on Twitter

September 13, 2013 8:45 AM  

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