Saturday, January 21, 2006

Food For Thought

Matthew Good, one of my favorite musicians, hosts a blog on which he discusses politics and music. Today he posted this, a thought-provoking look at the state of humanity. It's worth checking out. Here's a slice:

"Poverty does not know partisanship, yet it has countless pundits. With poverty comes expendability and a reduction in worth. In times of peace poverty is war, and in times of war the impoverished simply disappear. I have never believed that wars have ever produced anything other than victims, no matter their outcomes, no matter the beliefs that started them or those that saw them through. Those who pay the price for the follies of those that have never had to spend a day worrying about where their next meal is coming from are precisely the ones that have to. They carry the rifles, they dodge the shells, and they represent the faceless corpses that flash across our television screens on a daily basis. They are the shelters of the dreams of madmen, nameless automatons forever at the disposal of those deemed of best quality."


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