Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Album of the Month 01.06: Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins

Rabbit Fur Coat is a perfect pop album whose polish and sweetness are undermined by the world weary, progressive lyrics and wryly haggard vocals of Jenny Lewis. The opening 1-2-3 combo of Run Devil Run, The Big Guns, and Rise Up With Fists!!! is a knock out like few album starts in recent memory. The completely serious take on the Travelling Wilburys "Handle With Care"- with Bright Eyes, M. Ward, and Ben Gibbard taking vocal turns as the rest of the Wilburys- is priceless. The band is tight. The songs pull you in with candy apple hooks, then suddenly the songs erupt with emotion and lyrical might.

Sample tracks here: http://www.myspace.com/lewiswithwatsons

A good purchase if you're a fan of any of these: Rilo Kiley, Juliana Hatfield, Steve Earle, or Dusty Springfield.


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