Wednesday, January 25, 2006

52% of Americans Would Impeach...

A poll released last week by Zogby International showed 52 percent of American adults thought Congress should consider impeaching Bush if he wiretapped U.S. citizens without court approval, including 59 percent of independents and 23 percent of Republicans.

Read the full story here:


Meanwhile, the buzz inside the Beltway is that the White House is preparing for impeachment hearings in the not so distant future...


Blogger Beth said...

Impeachment proceedings are never going to happen. Why? Cheney is second in command.

January 26, 2006 2:40 AM  
Blogger Strontium Dog said...

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January 27, 2006 8:03 PM  
Blogger Strontium Dog said...

I think you might be surprised. It's not necessarily in the party's best interests to head into the next election cycle with No. 2 at the helm. My guess is that he would probably step down from his post if that happens.

January 27, 2006 8:08 PM  

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