Friday, April 28, 2006

Golden State: Paloalto's New Incarnation

I am a big fan of California's now defunct Paloalto, the musical brainchild of songwriter James Grundler. I came across them as the opening act for Nina Gordon when she played The Paradise in Boston a few years back. The group had an epic pop sound, borrowing heavily from early Radiohead and U2. Despite production from hit maker Rick Rubin and considerable critical acclaim, Paloalto's two American Recordings releases never took off commercially.

After some time off, James Grundler is back with a new outfit - Golden State. They are not yet signed to a label, but you can download four songs from their Splinters Out EP on their MySpace page. It seems that they're only performing locally in California, so if you live out there you should try to catch a show. If you like Radiohead's The Bends or U2's Joshua Tree you might want to investigate Paloalto and keep an eye on Golden State.

Here are the tracks that are up for download on Golden State's MySpace page.

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Rain (mp3)
How Long (mp3)
The Lunatick (mp3)
Splinters Out (mp3)
You can buy Paloalto's albums here. Golden State's EP is available exclusively through the store on the band's official website.

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Blogger jeffro said...

hey, thanks for the heads up - i had been anxiously awaiting a Paloalto follow-up to "Heroes & Villains" - it's sad to hear that they're no more, but at least i can listen to Golden State...

April 30, 2006 3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks - I had no idea that Paloalto officially broke up. For even more Grundler music, you should check out his first band, The Din Pedals, which released 2 indie CDs (Candide and Plastic & Chrome) and its major-label self-titled debut before James left to form Paloalto. Much of the same style of music, with even more effects-heavy guitars a la U2.


June 12, 2006 7:24 PM  

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