Monday, June 19, 2006

Sheryl Crow: Unplugged 02-15-1995

I used to love Sheryl Crow's music, but something happened after The Globe Sessions and I've been unable to stomach her music ever since. This is the part of her Unplugged set that aired on MTV, obviously a bunch of songs she performed are missing. I've never been able to track down the complete set, but, honestly, I haven't really tried that hard. I'll post a much better Sheryl Crow acoustic set at a later date. This one is ok, particularly the novelty version of "All I Wanna Do", but there are better performances of hers from the early days out there. Again, this was dubbed from a cassette tape and the sound quality is a little suspect.

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Sheryl Crow: 02-15-1995 Unplugged

Can't Cry Anymore
Leaving Las Vegas
I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday (Fats Domino cover)/ The Na-Na Song
Strong Enough
Love is a Good Thing
Run Baby Run
All I Wanna Do
I Shall Believe
D'yer Maker (Led Zeppelin cover)

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Do you still have the tracks ? I've been searching for them for a while...

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