Monday, June 12, 2006

Radiohead 2006 Tour Recordings Update

As of today, the best audience recording of the tour to date is posted here in MP3 format. As one comment on DimeADozen stated:
The vocals are the clearest of ANY audience Radiohead recording Ive heard. All the subtle nuances of the performances are crisply intact. You can hear Ed's backing vocals clearly. Cymbals sound crisp. The flange effect on the heavy bass in CUTW is superb. Its all here! It really sounds like a soundboard. Almost no audience interference whatsoever.

If anything, it's almost too crispy. I turned the highs down and the lows up and came up with what might be the best RH audience tape to date. I really mean that!
Here's the link to the torrent if you want a FLAC version.



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