Sunday, June 11, 2006

Radiohead: 2006 Tour Compilation

I’ve been trolling the net, obsessively trying to collect all the Radiohead live material I can find from their current theater tour. I believe I’ve found a version of every song they played on the tour thus far. These are all audience recordings, so volume and recording quality will vary from track to track. There’s a bunch of info, including setlists and some complete shows to download here at the Radiohead live site. I was especially psyched to see that someone had posted a recording of the June 1st show that I saw at the Tower Theatre in Philly. As I find better quality versions of these tunes I will update the post. If you know of better versions and want to share please let me know.

Also, there's an interview with Thom Yorke from the latest issue of Rolling Stone posted here in which he talks about their current tour and his forthcoming album, The Eraser.

These tracks are sorted by the album on which they appear. Many thanks to all the folks taping and sharing the shows represented below. Special thanks to the webmaster of the Radiohead live site. That place got me started on this little project.

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No tracks performed from this record

Planet Telex (06-05 Boston)
The Bends (05-06 Copenhagen)
Fake Plastic Trees (06-05 Boston)
Bones (05-15 Wolverhampton)
Just (06-05 Boston)
My Iron Lung (06-04 Boston)
Black Star (05-06 Copenhagen)
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (06-07 Toronto)

Airbag (06-04 Boston)
Paranoid Android (06-04 Boston)
Exit Music (For A Film) (06-07 Toronto)
Let Down (05-06 Copenhagen)
Karma Police (06-04 Boston)
Climbing Up The Walls (06-05 Boston)
No Surprises (06-05 Boston)
Lucky (06-07 Toronto)
The Tourist (06-05 Boston)

Everything In Its Right Place (06-07 Toronto)
Kid A (06-04 Boston)
The National Anthem (06-04 Boston)
How To Disappear Completely (06-04 Boston)
Idioteque (06-05 Boston)
Morning Bell (06-07 Toronto)

Pyramid Song (06-07 Toronto)
You And Whose Army? (06-07 Toronto)
I Might Be Wrong (05-15 Wolverhampton)
Knives Out (06-05 Boston)
Dollars And Cents (06-04 Boston)
Like Spinning Plates (06-05 Boston)

2+2=5 (06-04 Boston)
Sail To The Moon (05-15 Wolverhampton)
Where I End And You Begin (06-05 Boston)
The Gloaming (06-07 Toronto)
There There (06-07 Toronto)
Myxomatosis (06-07 Toronto)
A Wolf At The Door (05-06 Copenhagen)

New/Unreleased/Other Songs

15 Step (06-07 Toronto)
4 Minute Warning (06-04 Boston)
Arpeggi (06-04 Boston)
Bangers And Mash (06-07 Toronto)
Bodysnatchers (06-07 Toronto)
Cymbal Rush (05-01 Koko)
Down Is The New Up (06-08 Toronto)
Gagging Order (05-01 Koko)
Go Slowly (05-13 Blackpool)
House Of Cards (06-05 Boston)
I Want None Of This (05-13 Blackpool)
Nude (06-04 Boston)
Open Pick (06-07 Toronto)
Spooks (06-05 Boston)
Videotape (06-04 Boston)



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Wow. You're obsessively awesome.

June 13, 2006 11:27 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Wow is right. Thank you for this great post :)

June 17, 2006 6:31 PM  

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