Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Black Crowes: 2006 Tour Song Debuts

I got to see the Crowes in Pittsburgh at the Chevrolet Amphitheater on Sunday night, and though the set wasn't particularly extraordinary, the show was awesome as usual. During the course of their seemingly endless current tour, the Crowes recently played “Dirty Hair Halo”, a track from the forthcoming release, The Lost Crowes, for the first time ever. Along with that song, they played the Shake Your Money Maker-era b-side “Waiting Guilty” for the first time since 1996. Good stuff for Crowes fans.

During the brothers Robinson's acoustic tour in April, a few new songs(!) and a few more tracks from The Lost Crowes were performed. I've included them below with the aforementioned tracks, as well as an acoustic rendition of the The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion-era b-side "Darling Of The Underground Press".

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Waiting Guilty 05-27-2006
Dirty Hair Halo 05-26-2006
My Heart's Killing Me 04-15-2006
Darling Of The Underground Press 04-15-2006
Late Nights Again 04-14-2006
Cut From The Shadow 04-14-2006
Wyoming & Me 04-14-2006
Thunderstorm 6:54 04-14-2006
Recordings have only surfaced for two of the Brothers Of A Feather acoustic shows, and it'd be fantastic to hear some others. The Robinsons played new tunes "Cold Boy Smile" and "Magic Rooster Blues" along with b-sides "Peace Anyway" and "Smile" in other sets. Anyone out there have recordings of these from the acoustic shows?

The Crowes are selling excellent quality live recordings from most of their recent and upcoming tour dates through Instant Live. I'd recommend the 06-16-2006 set from Las Vegas. It includes both "Waiting Guilty" and "Dirty Hair Halo" in pristine quality.



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Do you have any of the recordings from these shows?

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