Monday, May 01, 2006

Radiohead Confirms Tourdates + Jeff Buckley Motherload

If you haven't already heard the dust and the screaming on the net, today Radiohead confirmed the dates for their upcoming "warm up" tour of small venues. They've got two dates set for Philadelphia at the Tower Theater. Those tickets will be mine. Oh, yes, they will be mine... Here's the list of dates and on-sale times from www.radiohead.com.
June 1 & 2 Philadelphia - Tower Theatre * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 6
June 4 & 5 Boston - Bank of America Pavilion * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 6
June 7 & 8 Toronto - Hummingbird Center * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 6
June 10 & 11 Montreal - Salle Wilred Pelletier at places des Arts * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 5
June 13 & 14 New York - The Theatre at Madison Square Garden * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 5
June 19 & 20 Chicago - Auditorium Theatre * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 6
June 23 & 24 Berkeley - Greek Theater * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 14
June 26 & 27 San Diego - Bayside * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 6
June 29 & 30 Los Angeles - Greek Theater * PUBLIC ON SALE MAY 25

I stumbled across a series of phenomenal Jeff Buckley posts at Kwaya Na Kisser. There are three posts in the series thus far. If you are a Buckley fan you must check these out.
I - Rarities, Outtakes, Live & Non-Album Tracks
II - Part II of Rarities, etc...
III - Live At WNEW, Sony Studios, NYC., April 6 1995
Here's a little sampler from the set:

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Grace (acoustic) (MP3)

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Anonymous whit said...

hi - i was looking through your site and im very impressed with the live sets you have. it's crazy -- there's a huge dimension of the artists we miss when we hear their voices pre-recorded on pieces of plastic.

i saw a post on brandi carlile from earlier this year and i was wondering if you could re-post the acoustic song set you orginally had put up. i would forever be indebted to you, seriously. she's an amazing songwriter.

thanks a lot <3

May 03, 2006 3:07 PM  
Blogger J said...

Hi, Whit. Glad you found some stuff you like here. I re-linked the Brandi tracks for you. Also, there's another of her songs in a post called "Oh, she sure could sing...". I agree - she's a fantastic talent. Looking forward to seeing her perform a headlining show in a few weeks in Philadelphia. - J

May 03, 2006 6:50 PM  

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