Friday, June 30, 2006

Radiohead Is Cruel

Ok, now they've made me really mad. Radiohead singer Thom Yorke started teasing fans with a bit of "True Love Waits" as an intro to set staple "Everything In Its Right Place" a couple of shows ago. Last night in LA he teased with about a minute and a half of "Follow Me Around". You're a mean one, Mr. Yorke. Record the damn thing and release it already!

Fans got a glimpse of "Follow Me Around" in the OK Computer tour documentary Meeting People Is Easy (photo at left). The full-band live version in the film was incomplete, cut in the middle by interview footage. The song, however, was awesome. I mean, so good that I remember being furious the first time I saw it when the footage of the performance cut away to the interview.

Thom would later play acoustic renditions of the song at various radio stations during the band's promo for Hail To The Thief and, very rarely, during the occasional concert. I don't believe anyone has heard a full-band version of the song besides the cut-up one from the doc.

Here's the edited rendition from Meeting People Is Easy, an acoustic version recorded for the BBC in 2003, and the teaser just recently performed in LA on 06-29-2006.

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Follow Me Around Meeting People Is Easy version
Follow Me Around BBC Radio version
Follow Me Around 06/29/06 Los Angeles

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Blogger Joe Gorton said...

True thanks for this (& previous RADIOHEAD posts;).
If you're into being retro at some stage - I'd love some WARSAW/JOY DIVISION up there for the NKOTB ?

July 02, 2006 7:46 PM  

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