Wednesday, December 27, 2006

B-Side Of The Week: Idlewild

Scotland's Idlewild has cranked out consistently awesome music for the bulk of their career. Fans know that they record b-sides that are often as good as their album tracks, and I've made a practice of putting together compilation albums of each proper record's b-sides when I've collected all the singles. These companion albums make for some great listening, and so I decided that this week's b-side of the week would come from Idlewild.

"Great Times Wasted" was released on part 1 of the "Live In A Hiding Place" singles from 2002's phenomenal full-length, The Remote Part. The song could've fit right in on the record, so if this tune suits your fancy, please do yourself the favor of picking up The Remote Part.
Idlewild - "Great Times Wasted"
Buy Idlewild's music here.

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