Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Morning Live: K's Choice

Most music fans have a few bands that they love that no one they know seems to like or have even heard of. These bands are like a precious little secret, only to be revealed carefully to fellow music fans with great care and discretion. K's Choice has always been one of those bands for me. I know that they're not particularly unknown, especially in Europe, but I've always felt like I am one of the only people I know who is into them. Actually, saying I am into them doesn't quite do my fandom justice - I'm a major fan.

Anyway, you may remember K's Choice from their minor radio hit "Not An Addict" back in the mid-90s. Seeing the video for that song is what turned me on to the band in the first place. This Monday's live track is a performance of the standout lead track off their finest record, Cocoon Crash, performed at the Pinkpop Festival in 1998. It's a gripping performance, and the vocal interplay of siblings Sarah and Gert Bettens takes center stage during the rocking outro.
K's Choice - "Believe (live)"
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