Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brandi Carlile: New Album Update

From Brandi Carlile's website, here's some news regarding her forthcoming sophomore release.
The new album, titled The Story, is finished and the release date is set for April 3rd! It was recorded in Vancouver and produced by T Bone Burnett. The final track listing is:

1 - Late Morning Lullaby
2 - The Story
3 - Turpentine
4 - My Song
5 - Wasted
6 - Have You Ever
7 - Josephine
8 - Losing Heart
9 - Cannonball
10 - Until I Die
11 - Downpour
12 - Shadow On The Wall
13 - Again Today

Which leads us to...

"The Story" - The Song

"The Story" is the first single at radio and will start getting airplay (knock on wood) in mid-February. Please listen for "The Story" and let your favorite local radio station know they should be playing it!

"The Story" will also be available digitally on January 16th on iTunes, Sony Connect, Rhapsody, Wal-mart, Best Buy Music, Yahoo, Napster, Zune and MTV Urge.

"The Story" Ringtone and Ringback tone will be available on January 23rd. Check with your cell phone carrier for details.

Spring Tour

The new headlining tour will be finalized in the coming weeks and we hope to announce the dates in early February. Brandi will be hitting the road in late March for about eight weeks.
Can't wait! Here's a little preview of the new record via a live rendition of "Turpentine" that is streaming on her MySpace page. Tragically, it appears that this song, and therefor possibly some others, were left off of her Live From Neumo's EP.
Brandi Carlile - "Turpentine (live)"
Buy Brandi Carlile's music here.

I posted last year about Carlile's three unreleased EPs, so if you like you can check them out here:

Brandi Carlile - Room For Me
Brandi Carlile - We're Growing Up
Brandi Carlile - Open Doors



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thanks also for giving my friend Nicola richards something to hold on to ..... your songs makes us happy thanks

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